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The Passion of Formula 1!
Hi people, 
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I am Gerard, the owner of Frisian Modelcarshop, as the name says, we live in Friesland a little part of the Netherlands with not many buidlings but many farmers and free air, i am running 2 company's, the main company is DFG Montage warehouse building and the second one just as important Frisian Modelcarshop, my passion Formula 1, after collecting for a while i started a this company after doing some real unhappy business with other company's in NL, just not firring solutions...

Time to take it in my own hands, we now are Bell mini Helmet dealer, we supply shops in Europe from small to big, also outside Europe we take car of Bell mini helmets for them, cause the pssion of Formula 1 we also have to offer you some World Champions on our website from the past till now, sometimes a nice classic model will come by to, but the target isa mini helmets...

We are happy to be at your service, have fun on the website...
Frisian modelcarshop

Menziessingel 18
8754LD Makkum
0031 (0) 6-20733142
The Netherlands

Best regards, Frisian Modelcarshop!


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